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I have been wanting to write about this for about a week now, but that does not guarantee that the next few paragraphs would actually qualify as a good piece at all, and neither will it assure whoever is still reading my blog that it’ going to be something that make sense, but then again, so here it goes.

I found this in my mailbox the other day, apparently, I do subscribe to a ton of shit that I did find interesting once but out of the sheer volume of every interesting thing that I have coming my way every single day, it is just plain impossible to even get to read and digest them all. I chose this piece because it seemed to resound my current situation, and how I think feel and should feel about it.

There was a book written by James Gordon Gilkey in 1934 entitled “You Can Master Your Life.” It speaks about self-help, a bit of advice on how to, well, “master” your life. It contains a chapter on worrying, that which falls into several categories:

On studying his chronic fears this man found they fell into five fairly distinct classifications:

1. Worries about disasters which, as later events proved, never happened. About 40% of my anxieties.

2. Worries about decisions I had made in the past, decisions about which I could now of course do nothing. About 30% of my anxieties.

3. Worries about possible sickness and a possible nervous breakdown, neither of which materialized. About 12% of my worries.

4. Worries about my children and my friends, worries arising from the fact I forgot these people have an ordinary amount of common sense. About 10% of my worries.

5. Worries that have a real foundation. Possibly 8% of the total.

The book, according to the email, even goes on asking the following and so he advises:

What, of this man, is the first step in the conquest of anxiety? It is to limit his worrying to the few perils in his fifth group. This simple act will eliminate 92% of his fears. Or, to figure the matter differently, it will leave him free from worry 92% of the time.

This got me thinking. Is it ever really possible to not worry too much? I think the five categories that Gilkey posted on the different types of worries are pretty much valid, and I think everyone is most guilty of the second type. I was thinking of running down the things that I was worried about and then categorizing them as such, but then I just realized that would make for a very looong post, and I am admittedly kind lazy right this minute.

I got this from Brain Pickings. Awesome website to help pick your brain. Link here: www.brainpickings.org.



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Say something that challenges my way of thinking.

It’s really hard to say. One, I never know who stumbles upon this blog and who reads it. Two, people tend to think very differently about certain issues.

Even when I was young , and more so when I got a lot older, I have always thought that I had weird way of looking at things. Nothing specific, but just things in general. I may have already said this before online or somewhere else like this blog, but as I grew older my perception of things took a turn for the better. I think as a person I have grown more accepting of differences in opinion and have handles conflicts a lot better. I have now come to believe that people are generally good for something, no matter how despicable or evil they are, it is just a matter of which bigger picture one is looking at. Call it maturity or something else, but yeah, I think taking that kind of view has made me a better person in general.

One other thing I have come to accept/realize is that no one can really blame anyone for what is happening with their life, good or bad, other than themselves. I know that may sound like I am lining up along the veins of atheism or something, but yea, I think people’s minds are generally underutilized and thus most people fail to realize what they can fully achieve if they set their minds to it. I think prayer, in a sense is not something we ask from God, but is a way of affirming to ourselves what we desire. No God has control over my life or yours, only we have the power to change our lives.

So there.

What if anything is too serious to be joked about?

As far as I am concerned, humor has no bounds. This question seems to ask not how far to far in as much as a “joke” is concerned, but it focuses more on what are the things that you can think of laughing about. For me, just about anything. Anything.

Which celebrities do you think are hot?

I think I should go back to a disclaimer at this point: If you are reading this post at random just because you fell upon my blog, please be advised that these are questions that I myself had not thought of, but instead have culled from the Internets at random. I have really not had the chance to edit them in any way or screen them in any way or reason, just because I think I would rather have them picked out as random as possible and think of possible responses just as I go along them in future posts such as this one.

That being said, I think I am drawn more to celebrities who are more mysterious than actually being attractive. I mean sexy and hot is one thing, but nothing excites me less than an empty Fabergé egg, if that even makes any sense.

In no particular order, no particular reason or bias, and just thinking off the top of my head given the time frame of now as I am writing this post, my picks would be:

1. Rhian Ramos

2. Angelina Jolie

3. Henry Cavill

4. Elijah Wood

5. Emily Blunt

6. Anne Hathaway

7. Mila Kunis

At this point, I should stop.

Madonna or Lady Gaga? Neither? Both? Who cares?

Again, another stupid question. But since I have to stick to this: definitely Lady Gaga. Madonna is just old. And even then, I think ten or twenty years later, Lady Gaga’s creativity would still excite me.

If you could change your natural hair color, would you? To what?

This question is moot.

I have changed my hair color before. Twice, in college. I thought it was a cool thing to do, not realizing just how much effort it would actually take to maintain such a look. First, I went red. and then at one point, blue.

So there.

English: Mila Kunis attending the Premiere of ...

8) Hipsters. Can we please allow these people to write blog posts in coffee shops, listen to music on vinyl and use their food stamps to buy salmon from Whole Foods in peace?

9) College admissions/job interviews/graduate school admissions. We pour our heart and souls into applications and we want validation — we need to be told that we are good enough. But we don’t need to let our value as people be decided on whether or not we got into some school or landed some job. For all you scholars out there, there’s this thing called the Academic Wiki which is devoted to unofficial news about how schools move through their hiring process. It’s so easy to get sucked into the vortex of the Academic Wiki and freak out when it says that SKYPE INTERVIEWS have been scheduled for a dream school you applied to and you didn’t get an invite to the Skype party. You’re going to get an interview or not. No use giving yourself an ulcer over it!

10) Monday morning. Yes, it’s Monday morning and the weekend is over and maybe we’re hungover and sleep deprived. But guess what? In just four short days it’s going to be the weekend all over again!

jlo and behold

The Professional Heckler

PRESIDENT AQUINO has declared every December 9 as National Anti-Corruption Day. Corrupt politicians and corrupt people in government were unfazed. They still have 364 days anyway.

To raise awareness on corruption issues, December 9 has been declared National Anti-Corruption Day. Considering the level of corruption in this country, why not make it ‘everyday?’

Here’s some good news. The country’s economy accelerated to 7.1 percent in the third quarter from the 3.2 percent growth rate in the same period last year. Even the government was shocked at this unexpected development. Maybe we’re just doing great or maybe… maybe the Mayans were right after all.

The government reported that Philippine economy grew 7.1 percent in the third quarter making it the best performer in Southeast Asia, and second only in Asia – behind Psy.

Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Arsenio Balisacan says the high GDP growth is expected to translate to more jobs…

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