icebreaker 022

Tell an inside joke you share with your friends?

I can’t remember any specific inside joke that I have shared with my friends. I don’t know. Well we do laugh about things that happened to us in the past, quite often but nothing specific comes to mind right now. I guess I am not really a “joke-y” kind of guy, neither are my friends, but in some circles, I would consider myself occasionally funny. Occasionally. In some circles.

Do you work out every week?

I try to work our every week, but sometimes I miss my bed too much and opt to lie down instead. Some people say that it’s actually a yoga position, so I guess most of the time I am still doing yoga. In bed.

Did you grow up in a small or big town? Did you like it?

I grew up almost right mack in the city. Our street comes about a main national highway, although we’re still a bit more tucked in that we don’t get too much of the noise that comes with the traffic. It’s not much a a neighborhood in general, but our house is in a compound of apartments which share a common inner yard, so I guess we had most of our childhood spent playing with direct neighbors. As we grew up, the location made much more sense since it was within a few minutes of anything substantial, and commuting was convenient, traffic aside.

Do you pick at scabs?

I remember what my mom used to tell us when we were young, my three other brothers and me. She said that we had legs like girls since we didn’t pick at our scabs, unlike our girl playmates and neighbors who had a lot of scabs on their legs. It was weird hearing that from our mom, but it was true. Until today, my older brother, the one before me, has what has got to be one of the smoothest and whitest legs on a guy you’d ever seen, and they’re not even that hairy. In local terms, his legs would be compared to long radishes.

Oh wait, could this question possibly be referring to psychological scabs, or is that just me overworked and too tired to think of a coherent thought right now? I don’t know. Maybe for another post: picking at psychological scabs.

How many boyfriends/girlfriends did you have?

I have had a few boyfriend flings, and a couple of girlfriends. I have been around, on hindsight, but that’s not my scene anymore.

What would you want to say to your latest ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend?

I had this idea of writing letters to my exes before, and maybe some of the people I had dated in the past. I guess I got happy too soon that I got over it and moved away from that project. I may want to revisit that soon, I suppose but yeah, I say it could get in the way of my happiness for now. If i had anything to say to any ex, all of them, I guess: have fun. Hahaha.

Can you live without internet?

I saw this post on Facebook the other day about a job opening to be a hermit in Austria (?). The job is to stay at a beautiful cliff house with no electricity, heat or internet for a few months. It doesn’t come with a salary though, and it wouldn’t exactly be a hermit life since there would be visitors coming in to sink in the few and all. For a whole eight minutes I had seriously though that this could be a great “job” (it doesn’t really pay anything, so must be called some volunteer thing), for me. But than I realized I was looking at it on my phone.

So, no. I don’t think I can live without internet. I have come to the point that I have too much invested, financially and psychologically, in connectivity already to be able to go back to a life without it.


icebreaker 013

Have you ever gotten pregnant?

I am a man. And thankfully or not, I haven’t gotten anyone pregnant yet.

Showered with someone else?

Yes. It is fun. People in relationships should at least be able to shower together more than they have sex.

Been at a yard sale?

Yes, but I have never set up one. One quick look at my room and I bet some people could be convinced to buy my stuff but it’s just that I never really had gotten around to selling any of them.

Found something valuable on the ground?

Other than a few spare change, not really. I read this story of a man once who was leaving playing cards all over the city, it was in New York I think. That could be cool. I might try that one day.

What is your “Song of the Week”?

“Miss Missing You” by Fall Out Boy

Dance in the car?

I don’t have a car. Moot.

Tea or coffee?

Coffee. Tea, for when I figure I might not be able to shit when I need to.

You’ve got the TV on, but you’re not really watching. What channel is the TV on?

Any channel that has food on it, or Cartoon Network.

icebreaker 006

Say something that challenges my way of thinking.

It’s really hard to say. One, I never know who stumbles upon this blog and who reads it. Two, people tend to think very differently about certain issues.

Even when I was young , and more so when I got a lot older, I have always thought that I had weird way of looking at things. Nothing specific, but just things in general. I may have already said this before online or somewhere else like this blog, but as I grew older my perception of things took a turn for the better. I think as a person I have grown more accepting of differences in opinion and have handles conflicts a lot better. I have now come to believe that people are generally good for something, no matter how despicable or evil they are, it is just a matter of which bigger picture one is looking at. Call it maturity or something else, but yeah, I think taking that kind of view has made me a better person in general.

One other thing I have come to accept/realize is that no one can really blame anyone for what is happening with their life, good or bad, other than themselves. I know that may sound like I am lining up along the veins of atheism or something, but yea, I think people’s minds are generally underutilized and thus most people fail to realize what they can fully achieve if they set their minds to it. I think prayer, in a sense is not something we ask from God, but is a way of affirming to ourselves what we desire. No God has control over my life or yours, only we have the power to change our lives.

So there.

What if anything is too serious to be joked about?

As far as I am concerned, humor has no bounds. This question seems to ask not how far to far in as much as a “joke” is concerned, but it focuses more on what are the things that you can think of laughing about. For me, just about anything. Anything.

Which celebrities do you think are hot?

I think I should go back to a disclaimer at this point: If you are reading this post at random just because you fell upon my blog, please be advised that these are questions that I myself had not thought of, but instead have culled from the Internets at random. I have really not had the chance to edit them in any way or screen them in any way or reason, just because I think I would rather have them picked out as random as possible and think of possible responses just as I go along them in future posts such as this one.

That being said, I think I am drawn more to celebrities who are more mysterious than actually being attractive. I mean sexy and hot is one thing, but nothing excites me less than an empty Fabergé egg, if that even makes any sense.

In no particular order, no particular reason or bias, and just thinking off the top of my head given the time frame of now as I am writing this post, my picks would be:

1. Rhian Ramos

2. Angelina Jolie

3. Henry Cavill

4. Elijah Wood

5. Emily Blunt

6. Anne Hathaway

7. Mila Kunis

At this point, I should stop.

Madonna or Lady Gaga? Neither? Both? Who cares?

Again, another stupid question. But since I have to stick to this: definitely Lady Gaga. Madonna is just old. And even then, I think ten or twenty years later, Lady Gaga’s creativity would still excite me.

If you could change your natural hair color, would you? To what?

This question is moot.

I have changed my hair color before. Twice, in college. I thought it was a cool thing to do, not realizing just how much effort it would actually take to maintain such a look. First, I went red. and then at one point, blue.

So there.

English: Mila Kunis attending the Premiere of ...

icebreaker 004

Have you ever slipped on ice?

Oddly enough, when I was in college, I took Ice Skating as a Physical Education elective. It was fun, though I would have preferred doing ice hokey instead of pirouettes and sliding backwards on ice. I think I did fall or slip a couple of times then, I’m sure anyone who’s had to take that course with no prior knowledge or actual experience of snow would have or should have.

Have you ever gotten your heart broken?

Yes. But not in the way that I thought it would be. The thing with getting your heart broken is that you never realize that it is already broken until a few minutes, days, or weeks after the fact. It always boils down to what you’re feeling at that exact moment, which you might not even exactly remember how it happened because people are always like that, big events that they think impact their lives are always remembered differently from what actually happened, either with extreme anger or shame or even disgust and self-loathing, any permutation of these.

Have you kissed someone a different race than yourself?

No. I think I’ll never will, but then again, that could sound fun. And it’s not just the kissing, of course.

Have you cut your hair and hated it?

Yes, I have had my hair cut thinking that it would look a certain way and giving exact instructions to the barber on how it should look like, only to end up hating myself and the barber afterwards. I mean, yeah, it’s my fault, so self-hate comes natural, but the barber should have given me more insight into what I was trying to do to myself (my hair) and should have guided me accordingly. Just like what medical professionals would do, I think.

No, I haven’t tried cutting my own hair, except for the hair on my face and a little extreme and not-so-extreme manscaping once in a while, and thus far I have not hated the experience.

What is your favorite food/cuisine?

Off the top of my head, Greek and Japanese. Italian is too common for me, but I think I can cook Italian quite okay. American too, only it’s not that healthy I think. Although I admit I love American comfort food and fast food, and I love watching Man vs. Food on TV just so I can imagine myself taking on those insane food challenges. I don’t do too much Filipino food since I am not that good of a cook yet, although I can cook some, but the thing is that Filipino food tends to differ a lot in, say perception, depending on whose kitchen/family you’re taking about. So, there.


I guess today was really no different from what I had envisioned the rest of the day would have run. On the good side, I had a good workout at the gym and managed to buy new ornaments for our tree. Although I figure I might need to go back and get some more since the ones that I just bought might not be enough. The tree is about seven feet after all, and those palm-sized snowflakes would just drown in everything else. And since I already started with the snowflakes, I may have to rework the whole concept of the tree altogether. I was also able to get hooks for the ornaments, which is good and is exactly what I was looking for.

My mind is racing now on what other kind of ornament I can get to mix with the snowflakes. I got about ten packs of three silver ones and five packs of gold. Good thing I got them for cheap so I was able to buy a whole bulk of them for the tree.