icebreaker 008

My biggest pet peeve is…

I have really come to hate people who walk slow. I think there should be a law against people walking slowly on the sidewalk, or at least have sidewalks with two lanes, one slow and one fast. Other people have lives too, you know. Lives that are better spent doing other things than walking like they’re on the moon.

What punctuation mark best describes your personality? Why?

An ellipsis. I don’t know much why but i think an ellipsis speaks much to me and describes me

If you could be any color in a Crayola box, what color would you be and why?

Red. Definitely red. It has always been my favorite color. And o Think it symbolizes what I have always said I was looking for in my life: passion.

What’s your favorite line from any movie?

I like watching movies, but I am not too big on remembering lines from it. I absolutely love a lot of films, so in true slam book fashion, too many to mention.

Describe your favorite pair of PJ’s.

I am not very fond of wearing pajamas, although I did wear them a lot when I was younger. As I grew older, the only thing I wear now to sleep would be a pair of boxers or briefs  I don’t know but I like the feeling of a wool blanket on my bare skin, and I have a weird habit of looking for cold spots on the bed, usually under pillows or sheets. It just feels better stumbling upon a cold spot with bare skin.

Sometimes, I even like to sleep in my birthday suit, although not that often anymore. Even in sleep, I do prefer having some sort of support for the bishop and the boys.

If you could be a film character, who would you be?

Joel Barrish from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The though of being able to erase people from your memory excites me and I think would be very interesting.

Name one important characteristic you look for in someone you consider a friend.

Apart from obvious psychic and mind reading abilities,

If you could be anywhere, doing anything right now, where would you be and what would you be doing?

Honestly? Again, its questions like this that makes me totally reconsidering editing that list of questions for those that I would rather not answer or, like this, feels just too plain ridiculous to answer. In keeping with the theme of ridiculousness, I am inclined to say: somewhere in the Caribbean (I have never been, but I hear it very nice there), having an orgy.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pinch Me by Barenaked Ladies

It’s been a while since I heard a song from them. Then I try to sing along and fail.

It’s the perfect time of year,
Somewhere far away from here.
I feel fine enough, I guess…
Considering everything’s a mess.
There’s a restaurant down the street,
Where hungry people like to eat.
I could walk, but I’ll just drive –
It’s colder than it looks outside.

It’s like a dream – you try to remember but it’s gone, then ya
Try to scream but it only comes out as a yawn, when ya
Try to see the world beyond your front door.

Take your time cos the way I rhyme’s gonna make you smile, when ya
Realize that a guy my size might take a while, just to
Try to figure out what all this is for.

It’s the perfect time of day
To throw all your cares away;
Put the sprinkler on the lawn
And run through with my gym shorts on;
Take a drink right from the hose
And change into some dryer clothes;
Climb the stairs up to my room…
Sleep away the afternoon.

It’s like a dream – you try to remember but it’s gone, then ya
Try to scream but it only comes out as a yawn, when ya
Try to see the world beyond your front door.

Take your time cos the way I rhyme’s gonna make you smile, when ya
Realize that a guy my size might take a while, just to
Try to figure out what all this is for.

Pinch Me,
Pinch Me,
Cos I’m still asleep.
Please God,
Tell Me
That I’m still asleep.

On an evening such as this,
It’s hard to tell if I exist.
If I packed a car and leave this town,
Who’ll notice that I’m not around?
I could hide out under there…
I just made you say “underwear.”
I could leave but I’ll just stay;
All my stuff’s here anyway.

It’s like a dream – you try to remember but it’s gone, then ya
Try to scream but it only comes out as a yawn, when ya
Try to see the world beyond your front door.

Take your time cos the way I rhyme’s gonna make you smile, when ya
Realize that a guy my size might take a while, just to
Try to figure out what all this is for.
Try to figure out what all this is for.
Try to see the world beyond your front door.
Try to figure out what all this is for.

***Thanks to 8tracks for making or ruining my day, depending on how you look at it.

Stunt (album)
Stunt (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Only Thing Worse Than a Disney Princess is a Disney Prince

The Only Thing Worse Than a Disney Princess is a Disney Prince.

Stupid message #1: Little girls, these shallow men with no personalities deserve to be loved for no other reason than that they are there.

Stupid message #2: Little boys, the way you get to be loved is to be a shallow man with no personality who does the “right” things. 

Why, hello there, Nice Guy Syndrome!

Stupid message #3: The way for little boys to find meaning in their lives is to save a woman. Woman=answer to your life problems.

Stupid message #4: Men don’t need to be saved. 

If there was any argument on why men need to project an image of strength and independence, fairy tales have always had that imprint of that upon children, whether little boys actually watched them or not.

how to make your christmas tree

For the first time, I have had to do our family Christmas tree at my parent’s place alone. All my other brothers are out of the country and my parents wouldn’t be bothered by my supposedly picky way of doing things, something I probably got from my mother.

The tree that we have is more than six years old I think, I still remember that time about a week or two before Christmas that I bought that tree and carried it about five or seven blocks home from the mall. It’s about six feet tall I think, plus or minus half a foot depending on how you fluff the top. Some of the trunk parts are already rusted and it has a characteristic lean to it no matter what you do, but it still serves its purpose; a tree is a tree is a tree, green branches and needles and all made of the sam material as floor brushes and toothbrushes I think.

We never donned it in silver before, most of the stuff I accumulated over the years would be a mix of golds and reds, balls and mirror balls in different sizes. I have always favored bead garlands, we got them in silver, golds and reds, and oddly enough one year, in uncharacteristic purplish plum I think. I was not too big on adding too much color on it, and that’s in part that half of the brothers are color-blind anyway, so at least reds and greens are easily discernible.

Another year I was able to salvage some decor from work, deep green velvet ribbons trimmed with gold beads, and that I think worked well with the rest of the stash that time, not without looking a bit garish though. Last year was the year of the orange sinamay with strips of gold woven in, and then I knew that the kitsch shit just hit the fan. But in spite of that, I always loved it.

I never had that much time of late to do anything crafty except when season like this came, so I enjoy every moment that I get the chance to do so. Admittedly, I was wanting to do a different concept for this year’s tree, but since I did not have much time to shop around for stuff, I had to go with the easy and cheaper theme.

I stumbled upon cheap snowflake decor this year, running at a cost of less than Php10 per piece. I got about 45 the first time, only to find out that some other smaller store in Ever Gotesco was selling the same sets for almost Php7 per piece. So I got another thirty pieces. A couple of threads of bead garlands cut up into small strings and that’s it. I also had to get hooks for the stuff, good enough that there were sets of 120 pieces already available locally.

I am still thinking if I have to add the old balls on to the tree, I’ll have to check how it looks in the daylight. Since this started off as a how-to piece, I’ll be sharing my few rules on how to get the most out of what you have for your tree:

  1. Do an inventory of what you have and what you need to get. Pretty straightforward. Our tree has always been a mishmash of old and new, and it doesn’t make sense that much to completely junk everything that you got each year. But you don;t need to throw out everything that you don;t need or looks old anymore; who knows how you can figure out how to upcycle them the next season.
  2. Start with a nicely fluffed tree. Natural trees are unheard of in this part of the globe, so most trees are made of plastic. Sometimes in storage they get squished to fit the most unusual storage spaces (i.e. inside the bed), and it just takes a good fluffing to make sure they look like new. Also, a properly setup  and fluffed tree would make it easier to plan out the decorations you’re putting on it later.
  3. I am a firm believer in putting on the lights first before any of the trimmings. A properly lit tree is a good one, and sometimes, great trees just stand on its own with the most minimal of trimmings and just nicely spread lights. If you are using flashing lights on your tree, make sure to arrange it in such a way that when you actually turn them on, it would not cut your tree up into several flashing segments. That looks just off. Colored lights would be nice, but I’d rather keep them simple and classical with the basics, either yellow or red, or white, depending on what kind of motif you’re aiming for.
  4. Once you got your lights installed, trim the tree with the lights turned on, that way you can see the full effect of the lights on your decor. I hate it when people trim just one side of the tree especially if they would end up shoving it in some corner of the room. I believe in trimming the tree in the round, even if some of the decor would be facing the wall. It looks more polished that way, and it is actually easier to pick a good side than just plan out the “good side” well ahead.
  5. There’s no specific way of trimming the tree, it depends on how crowded or bare you’d want your tree to be. I prefer mine a bit crowded, and I don’t mind if some of the trimmings are fairly closer to each other. I try to put the trimmings one type at a time, starting with the garlands. It doesn’t matter what garlands you use, but usually when you put them on last, they tend to cut up the tree or cover most of the other baubles that you’ve already put on first. I do garlands first, big items next and go down in size from there. I try to keep a balance with each type of decor on the tree, not specifically the whole tree entirely. That way, it’s easier to edit or stop when you feel that the tree can no longer handle it, or looks already too crowded.
  6. Once you have everything in place, you may opt to adjust the lighting a bit to have some of them peeking out, and also adjust some of the trims by filling in spaces. Some spaces are best filled with bows or ribbons, but it’s not part of your theme, like what we have on ours this year, it’d best to adjust some of the branches to cover up accordingly.
  7. The best way to appreciate your completed tree would be to turn on all of the lights and just look at it from a distance with the external lights on. I think a well decorated tree should look good with the lights on or off, in the day or in the night.

There you go. Four hours and close to a hundred different trims later, I finish our tree for this year. I’ll still check it out by next week if it would still need other trims but I guess this should work for now. I’ll be posting more pictures of it then.