or maybe… 

I haven’t done this in a while I guess. I don’t really have much to say woeth posting I think. Or maybe I have been too consumed by work recently, as always.

Or maybe I have been too distracted to think if writing on this blog. Though I have been trying to set specific times to write on my journal, so I guess I get some sort of credit for that. 

Or maybe I was waiting on the good inspiration or spark of genius that ever really came. They always almost never really do no matter how hard you wait. And yes, I wait hard. 

Or maybe there I just too much in my mind that I can’t keep up. In between my laptop, my phone, my Blackberr, which yes I still am going to keep and use until it dies out, which I guess would still be in a couple of years (amazingly it works just fine as a digital journal because of the physical keyboard, the lack of app support though, very disappointing, but at least you’re free from distractions?), my tablet, and of course that desktop I use at and for work, I have too many things going on all at the same time. Literally my eyes are popping out. And I’m not even watching that much TV anymore.

Or maybe I just forgot about this blog. 

Or maybe I just don’t want to write that much anymore. I have been thinking of quiting this now for quite sometime now, maybe five, fifteen minutes since I started this post, but then again I am here aren’t I?

See you when I see you and thanks for reading. 


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