icebreaker 018

Name all the vehicles you have owned in your adult life.

I know this might come as a surprise to most, but I don’t drive. I’m a grown-ass man who needs to be chauffeured around. The closest I got to actually driving was a week of dirivng school and an expired student permit, which I got waaay after I was no longer a student, of school or of driving.

I did some driving for my ex-girlfriend before, which was funny, for her, but was gut-wrenching for me, as she stayed past one of the busiest and deadliest highways in the city, just a few minutes from the university. I can’t say I didn’t like driving, but I was not too much into it. Imoney didn’t have my own car, and the places I worked in, parking was always either a hassle, or as rare as a Pikachu in a mall. Add gass prices, maintenance, and traffic, God have mercy, the traffic, it’s pretty discouraging for me.

But hey, I don’t know. Maybe in the future, when someone finally figures out how to ease the traffic in the metro, or companies invest in more parking spaces or company car loans, or if one day everybody suddenly wakes up with that intense sense of discipline on the streets, then maybe I’d drive.

Where were you when you had your first kiss?

I don’t remember. I guess on one hand, I didn’t really start dating until around middle of college, and breezed through a lot of one-night stands, random encounters, and weird relationships, that everything seemed like a blur until the recent ones, around a few years back. Anything before that, it’s all a haze.

Would you ever loan a significant amount of money to a friend/relative ? Why or why not?

I do and I have. I am not rich, but I say I count myself as lucky as I never had to depend on other people for my finances, ever since I started working, which is quite early, given that I didn’t finish school. So take giving out loans to close friends and close family as okay, fotrunately, I never really had anyone fail to pay me back yet.

How would I describe you to a blind person?


Describe your hero.

He would be the embodiment of myself, minus all the traits I hate about my self, plus all the characteristics I would want to have. My hero is an illusion of myself, yes, but still as aspirational, no?

How do you feel about being a step-parent?

It would be really hard. For me at least. I am not good with kids, and neither are kids good with me. I couldn’t even be good with other people who are not kids anymore, what more if those kids were not mine? It will be challenging for me, definitely.

I think I treat kids the same way I wished I was treated as a kid: like an adult.

What do you like best about your family?

What is there to like? I did not grow up in a dysfunctional family, at least I don’t think we were dysfunctional when I was growing up, but then again I didn’t know that that was even a thing yet. But in hindsight, yeah, no.

But neither was my family, ideal, like a really tight knit, jokingly sweet, huggy kind of family. I don’t think we were even normal. We were more civil than loving, which kinda sucks. I used to and still envy my friends and colleagues who have more ideal family types which they have sustained until today. Ours? Not so much. I think we’ve grown to be that dysfunctional family we never thought we could be. This is depressing just trying to think of talking about it.

How do you feel about the politically correct rules of not calling Christmas occasions Christmas occasions, but holiday parties, etc?

Those rules are a bit stupid.


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