excuse me

I have been caught up in work for the past few days to post as much as I want to.

The week started out okay, prospects were good. Since Monday was a local holiday, I decided to get myself organized and browse through my stack of notes and scribbles of posts I had not had the chance to write, ideas and other things. I had a few dozen of them lined up, things that I have always wanted to share but had not had the opportunity to write about. I was thinking this is a a great start to the week at least I would not run our of ideas for posts just yet.

But you know the other thing you’d actually need to not run out of, and actually find? Time. Work was a different kind of stress animal this week. Production was quite slow really, with a new colleague taking on most if not all of my tasks for the day, and since we’re sharing thesame PC for the meantime, that means no work for me until she’s done with my tasks. Haha. 

But the stressful part of work this week was really is that looming sense of being overwhelmed in the future, with our supervisor moving on to a different team, people moving into and training for different tasks and roles, all the while anticipating issues that usually come in the third and fourth quarters of the year. Yesterday, our supervisor briefed us on the plans for the next few months onward to the first quarter of the year. It was daunting, daunting for me at least, I couldn’t even look at the whole training calendar without going nuts. We’ve got a tightly packed few months ahead, and that is even considering the ideal scenario of a complete headcount even if we’re moving into the holiday season. 

At the back of my mind, I was already planning my escape. Not from work work or from my job, but from stress. Good thing I would have my long break scheduled in November. At least I hope that ten day retreat from work-related stress would keep me sane enough. 

So, there. That’s my excuse. Until such time that my new colleague can reclaim her workstation to do production, I’ll be shadowing her at my station, and that means a few minutes of writing, just like now. Thanks for staying with me on my blog. Hope to hear from you too soon. 


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