five for friday

So no actual specific blog prompts today. Today’s Blogging Fundamentals exercise focuses on exploring tags on the Reader section and following five new blogs.

In related news, I gained a new follower today, I guess that could be a good sign. Just being able to sustain this for the past three days is an achievement for me already. A close friend and boss told us once that there’s this thing she read about building habits, that you can cement a habit by doing it consistently for at least 21 days. If you’re able to get past that then the habit would actually stick.Which brings me to smoking, because random. I don’t remember how I developed a habit for smoking, I suppose at one point in time since I started or “learned” how to smoke, which surprisingly unsurprisingly came naturally for me, I smoked more than one pack of cigarettes within a span of three weeks. Very likely I think.

One of the new blogs I discovered and followed listed thirty things to do before turning 30. It was nice list of a variety of stuff, carefully curated I guess to maximize fulfillment, I don’t really know, just came out of me that one. But what if you start something like that when you’re already 60? Sixty items in a year right befor you turn sixty one, that about 5 items off the list in per month, and if the list items are divided equally in terms of duration, you should at least be ticking something off the list or proceeding to the next project five or six days a week roughly. I was thinking it could be manageable, but I guess juggling life and priorities as a sixty-year old man, not to mention trips to the hospital/doctor every so often and just the general slowness of your pace considering any other genetic or pre-existing health conditions, it could be hard to meet the sixty before/at sixty deadline of tasks. But I can’t tell, I’ll hopefully write about that in thirty years time.

I was cleaning up my Evernote notebooks last night and tried to find a way to organize my writing notes moving forward, creating specific notebooks and moving notes from one notebook to another and other tags and all that jazz. I find that I am way better at creating systems for organizing my content or those content that I consume other than actually consuming content or creating. I must be in the wrong career then, but that I already sort of knew and is going to be earmarked for another post.

I was thinking of creating a blog theme specific to the day of the week. I used to have this widget on my phone with a specific blog post topic per day for the whole year and a specific theme per day. All the time I had spent trying to come up with topics that would last me the whole year and trying to write code for the widget was very exciting but at the end of it I had gone tired of the project and stopped. Aaaand I’m trying to do that again, essentially. Hopefully I can continue this over the weekend or at least start over the weekend while the Blogging Fundamentals tasks are only sent weekdays, I think. That will give me enough time to write then. I already have a few posts in mind for each themed day so I just have to write them down. I hope.

See you on the next post and thanks for reading.


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