on my blog title

This could probably sound like a defense of my blog title and my tagline. Come to think of it, my whole life sounds like a defense of my blog title and my tagline. 

I had not had a chance to put that much thought into either at the time and even now I guess. I am certain that the title of my blog had come into several iterations already. I don’t remember what I used to call my blog anymore, it has been that long.

Parang ano. I have used that as my twitter handle ever since I got into twitter I think that was way back 2002. I have to check. I don’t really even remember when I started twitter. There was a time when I used to tweet diligently but that was when it was still new-ish. They didint even have hastags then.

The handle actually directly translates to “like what?” from Filipino. Colloquially it’s used to express sometimes slight disdain for something or someone, or more often as an expression of something that you can’t really put your finger on or is just barely at the tip of your tongue.

I remember my college friends telling me that every time I did something odd or weird, when in my mind I was just being myself. I don’t qualify myself as weird or anything at all though, I know a lot more people who are certified weird or a lot weirder than me, I think those people who really know me actually have a higher tolerance for weirdness than common people have, or in a way are actually in the same level of weirdness as I am, hence they see me as perfectly normal. Yeah, probably the last one.

I guess I chose that twitter handle and eventual blog title because it is open to interpretation and maybe is a lot more open ended than most titles or handles. I wasn’t even sure at first what I wanted my blog to become, I thought I just wanted to write about anything. Probably both in English and Filipino. And additionally I wouldn’t have to live up to much, or my blog would not have to life up to much if I chose a title as sufficiently vague as that.Yeah. That’s it I guess.

On the tagline, at one point in time is think I definitely had the word shit in my title, as well as a reference to my color-blindness, as if I felt that being color-blind actually had a discernible impact on how I perceived not just the world visually, but also my perspectives on society and relationships and the world at large. Maybe it does, but I don’t know.

So there. So there. I’m tired of writing this. Thank you for your attention.


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