who I am and why am I here

I am a 30-something wannabe writer trying to figure himself out.

I like to dabble into things, I think most of my life is made up of false starts, not so much actual finishes. I don’t think I have ADHD, but I don’t really know that as I have never seen a shrink before. Maybe I should. Adding that to my bucket list.

I like reading when I could get to it and watching TV when I couldn’t get to reading. I am not a fast reader, or writer, so am now reduced to a long list of dream reads on my Kindle and an ongoing stockpile of web articles I feel like I would be interested in reading eventually, delivered daily to my Kindle too. I stream a few TV shows sometimes, or depend on bootleg downloads from friends, but I feel that I don’t want to get too invested in these shows because I’d only feel disappointed when I miss them. So I go online and watch YouTube videos about tech stuff I couldn’t afford instead. Or porn, mostly porn.

I like to eat, eating, food. I like discovering new things to eat and maybe testing the limits of my gag reflex and food allergies. Though I may not actively seek out food adventures most of the time, I’d try anything for the first time anywhere, anytime the opportunity presents itself.

I try my best to take care of my health, by hitting the gym once a week, now going once a month, considering a moving average within a year. I used to have a personal trainer, until my personal life got the better half of my free time instead. My personal life, maybe on another post.

Why am I doing this, blogging? I work at a high stress environment and this is the way I think I can decompress. I write about odds and ends of my life and what just runs around my head really.

This is actually not the first time. Really, I am trying to reboot my blog. And hopefully along the way, be able to reboot my life and my so-called passion for writing.

Have I said too much already? Yes.

*I am starting this Blogging Fundamentals course by WordPress so there. Fingers crossed I can keep this up. Thank you for your attention.

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