Random Stuff

It’s been close to a month, more than a month, almost two months, but this is actually the first time I’m writing about this. About us. About him. I guess that’s what writer’s use as fuel sometimes. Heartbreak, loss, suffering, pain. But I’ve never felt any of that for close to a month now. And that is bad for an assuming writer like me.

I actually missed this. I As always it has been a while since I wrote something or anything for myself. Most of the writing I’ve been doing is mostly emails for work, and to that point I couldn’t even credit myself as even a good letter writer. So that’s that.

I don’t really know where to start. Maybe it was fast, maybe the timing was just right, I don’t know. But it does feel right. That’s at least one thing I know. It feels right. That sounds like a good place to start.

I met him on OKC. Not really the most ideal place to meet someone, but then again,

For a few days, I thought the cracks were finally showing. Sometimes I don’t understand how you could actually fall in love with someone who speaks naturally unkind as him. But then again, my brother naturally speaks that way and he’s married so there’s that, and my mom too. I guess at some point being with someone does make that go away a bit, sometimes, but then again that sharp tongue lashes back out at you when either of you least expects it.

In other news, I was so bummed to learn that I dinged one side of my premium laptop, maybe from moving the shit around too much while watching porn. Eventually this was to be expected if you’re getting a laptop with a metal finish and slightly sharp edges but I never expected myself to do this in less than a year. Performance wise, no impact at all and the ding is really small at first glance, once you see it, you cant really help but notice.

So I am trying to write again. Yes, write again. Apparently I do have time in my hands in the middle of everything else. I got a new tattoo, and refurbished another one. I am a bit worried that the new one might not heal as well, given it’s current state. Honestly, right now, it looks a bit hideous and scary. I’m afraid that it might be infected or something, I do hope that those scars will reveal a pretty awesome tattoo. But from the looks of it, this might be the single longest healing time I’ve ever had on a single tattoo, and I’ve had a couple of them, bigger ones even, and on more sensitive I should say parts of my body. I hope that those residue would be ink leeching out of it not puss. But then again, I am trying my best to take care of it well at this stage.

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