This getting harder and harder to write every single time I restart.

Well,  I’m in a relationship now. So there’s that. And I think on one hand I could truly say I am happy other than just plain okay. I’m a lot older too, compared to when I started and stopped doing this.

Forgive me,  it has been a while. And I fear that there is not much and a too much to write about,  all at the same time. Yes,  it’s only a matter of putting words after words onto digits and blurting them out online but are has taught me so much on how words fail. And how mere words might not be enough.

Truly, I have enjoyed silences more than speaking. If I don’t have anything great to say then better best shut up.

But I do miss writing. And reading things I write. And having people close to me read them and see that I am not really trying to be special or specific at all, but that I am just plain  normal and there nothing that is more important for an assuming writer-slash-blogger important than to be validated by anyone.

So here’s a picture of my ashtray:


Goodnight and see you again soon.


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