Number 29 for 2014

I had not noticed this until yesterday, and had not remembered it again until today. It’s that time of the year again, and yes, I will try. So I’ll post the cheat one for the 30th later. at least this one would be a bit fresher.

Nothing much for today, stayed home all day and waited for the digital cable TV installation. I actually took less than an hour but the again, I had to make sure that all the channels were okay. Especially the HD ones. Hehehe.

I never imagined watching TV in HD could be so… really nice. I don’t think it’d matter that much what I was watching but as long as it’s in HD, I’d be fine with it. Really fine. Really nice. I guess this would be another thing that would keep me up for the next few days. And the cool surprise is that I have Comedy Central now. Hopefully I can catch Amy Schumer.

I would have loved to at least get some bit of shopping or groceries done, it’ll be another busy week and I’ll be taking the trip in a few days. I don’t know if I actually feel excited or not. I guess the days will just go by so fast once you’re already on it. I’m not hoping for some sort of wild adventure, but it could be nice. It would be nice. It could be nice.

I have to prepare my shit before Saturday comes. I’d have to pack and make sure that everything is set before I go both at the office and at home. At least I was able to get one day of rest last Friday, I would feel guilty enough to work my ass of this week at least get my month-end tasks pretty much squared before I leave. Which is hard but then again, hopefully it all works out. It should work out.


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