Late in the Game

I could have done this earlier. Earlier to day and earlier in life in general. But I have been enjoying playing Diablo 3 since quite some time now and I may have been spending way too much time playing. Understandably it’s a bit different now, given that I actually do work at work and barely even got time to sleep, and then I even end up trying to squeeze in dome time ti play after I get home, which kinda makes it much worse. I don’t know. It does make me happy, and for once in my gaming life, I am actually able to do well on this game. And that i the second reason I actually spent for this sexy machine in the first place. Well apart from trying to write that is. And maybe some design shit in the future but that’s something for later.
I am not a good writer. Maybe because I have become such a lazy reader. Actually, that’s just it. Apart form the general fact that I just realized, that most of the writing I’ve done so far in my life were about things that I had to write about, not so much things that I actually want to write about. Now I am finding it hard to actually start writing things I want to write. But then again, I do find that everyday I do get to think of things I’d like to write about, in small fleeting bouts, but they do come sometimes.
Of course as usual, I will never see this through the end again. I have to sleep eventually. I’ll be buying a new TV set for my folks later today.


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