No Diablo 3 Tonight

Looks like no Diablo 3 for tonight. Apparently the servers are down and undergoing some sort of maintenance. Pfft. Well then, at least I can go and do some bit of writing.
Well, not much writing it turns out. I pooped a lot. And thought of some things I could write about. But then again, I lost those thoughts within five minutes. I’m trying to get them back now. But no. I must have flushed them along with massive shitload of shit.
So much for actually ever sleeping early though. I want to know how do you actually diagnose an insomniac? I guess I do have to go to a doctor, much less try to look up symptoms of insomnia online. I am actually even unclear how or what an insomniac is.
In all honesty, I am really loving my new notebook. The keys are good, and have good travel and I am able to type as fast as I could possible could back when I was using my Chromebook. Of course with a little more practice, I know I can eventually type a lot faster, but most of the practice I actually get is mostly work related. But I do want to learn touch typing sometime in the near future, though I am not sure if that is really something you deliberately learn or just get used to. I guess I can try zooming into the screen like this to the maximum settings at least I’d be able to see the screen as well even if I am kinda looking at the keyboard.
Of course, as always, I should already be sound asleep. We’ll see what we can come up with by tomorrow then. Maybe an hour of Diablo 3 and some thirty minutes writing.


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