Diablo 3

What a joy, what a joy! I am finally finished installing Diablo 3 on my new notebook and was able to play it successfully! Happiness is materialistic things.
I checked out the newly opened H&M store locally as well earlier tonight. Yes, there were a few pieces that were nice in concept, but not that much going on there for men. I’d still have better choices at Zara, personally, but then again it’s going to be more expensive. Good showcase, but it’s mostly hyped. Maybe it’s really nice for the ladies, but I don’t really know.
I realized I can pinch to zoom on this thing like stupid. What if i actually stick with this for a bit. It’s weird but kinda nice as well since I’m not really a touch type person yet. Maybe this will help me at least master the layout of my own keyboard. By the looks of it, it is slightly effective, though I still must be wary of over-thinking it sometimes.
I just happened to peel off the last few labels on the top of my new notebook. That I guess means that this is definitely a keeper now, much like what I said about my other netbook which is gathering dust now a few years back. And the same with my Chromebook, only in reverse because I had applied a couple of stickers on that bugger. Oh well. Hopefully this will be a good start.


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