New Laptop

I am still mulling over getting an MacBook over a Windows laptop. I’m thinking if I should even get a new laptop in the first place. I guess partly I am drawn by the fantasy and the excitement of owning a new gadget, plus the fact that I should be treating myself to something worth it for my 31st birthday, I think. Getting the laptop doesn’t really make much sense to me, I mean I’ve been here more than a couple of years ago, and now I am left with my MSI Wind123 netbook that I don’t even get to use. I’ve been thinking a lot about selling it but I am not sure how much it is worth right now even. And likewise, I still have to deal with my Chromebook I am using right now which frankly, has been treating me quite well with the very minimal usage I barely even have time for.
All the articles I’ve browsed online point to trying to determine what the use-case basis is in determining what kind of laptop you should get.
I want a new laptop so I can write. I want to wrtite again. I want to need to write again. I’ve never been so much of writer before, note unless you’d count high school. I need a reason to write, even if that reason would be partly to find worth in something that I’ve spent a chunk of mt overtime pay on. God was I surprised when I saw that figure. I know I’ve been spending way too much time in the office before but not like that. But then again, maybe doing it on a beautiful machine might reinvigorate me for the next couple of years at best, apart for being able to consume more porn.
My Chromebook does me well on that front really. I am doing this on it right now, but I guess the lack of a backlit keyboard does bug me quite a lot, apart from the fact that I am not able to use Evernote on it as effectively as I wish I could. And Evernote is so nice. And I also want to do a bit more on it just than writing.
I’d like to be able to do a bit of gaming as well, and maybe have my new laptop future-proofed just in case I would find the time and passion to do graphic design again in the future. Again, the use of the term “again” is subjective. I did a couple of stuff for some friends and that’s about it. I didn’t even use Photoshop, just worked my way around a very complicated PowerPoint slide back then. But then just in case, I don’t want to find myself hindered by the machines that I have.
I want to do a bit of gaming as well. My profile for Diablo 3 has been stagnant for quite some time and I want to be able to use it too. I want to be able to finish the only single legit game I’ve bought for once. Maybe finish it. Or at least play it and fail, at least I’m getting to play it.
I guess that’s part of the thing; a Windows laptop would be best for any sort of gaming, but then again just thinking about all the maintenance I would have to put up with is a tad bit disheartening. Of course I wouldn’t know for sure if I would encounter the same kind of tedious maintenance with a Mac device but some signs point to no, not really. I guess I would have to put in more research on that really. I only know a handful of people who have Mac devices and not even really the latest ones so I am not really able to draw from anyone I know’s experiences on a Mac device save for those that are found online.

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