Embracing Google

I am currently watching The Exorcism of Emily Rose while writing this. I think I’ve seen this movie a handful of times already.
I’m trying out a few Android apps that have been recently ported to Chrome OS like Evernote and Wunderlist and Duolingo. So far Duolingo works quite okay. Evernote is fine too, if you don’t mind the window which cannot be maximized ever, and the uber teeny tiny fonts. I’m trying to see if Wunderlist would work okay, after deciding to abandon Any.do altogether. I guess I really have to find a GTD app that actually worked for me, understandably half of that work is actually getting things done and checking them off the app, not just listing things that needed to get done. Evernote seems like a good choice to come back to. I have ghosts in there that I would like to revisit, maybe make something out of it eventually, I don’t know.
I still have to try this writing exercise outside of the house. And, I’ve been itching to buy a new Macbook Air for myself, realizing the windfall I just had with all the time I’ve spent in the office. ‘m thinking it’s not such a bad purchase, worse off I could still probably get something out of it if I decide to resell it if I don’t like it. But half of me is still trying to work things out with my Chromebook, in as much that I am actually a Google fan by heart I think.
Taking a break for a drag.
Well, I think Wunderlist would take some time to actually work, so I might be relegated to work on the app though my tablet and phone for some time.


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