Going Minimalist

I read this article about going minimalist that made a lot of sense, I think. Eventually I’d have to find the time to put the link in here but I think I do have it among the host of 500+ articles I’ve hoarded in Pocket over time, most of the half-read. Yes,  I come from a a family of hoarders, but to detail that would be for another post.
The gist is, you would want to keep only stuff that adds value to your life. And then slowly get rid of those things that don’t, at least one item per day. It might sound easy at first, but the more I’ve given it some thought, the harder it becomes. I feel that somewhere down the road I would only end up reorganizing most of my stuff instead of having to get rid of them.
I’m thinking of doing a different approach. I’ll start by taking stock of everything I have. Everything. I’d make out a long list if the stuff I have and then try to justify how each would “add value” to my life, and then slowly start getting rid of each of them one by one.
This as it stands would be a big project. I am not sure how I am going to pull this off but I am genuinely excited about the outcome. Let’s do this.


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