Valentines Day. If you were born in the month of November, most probably you were conceived around the time of Valentines Day. That would be kinda weird and sweet, depending on how you look at it. But then again, you could still be born in the month of November if you lacked a few months of gestation inside your mother’s womb. Most Scorpios are born in November. I think that is why they’re pretty much associated with having great libido and loving sex. Loving sex or making love, whatever you’d want to call that. It’s just fun really.
Some trivia off the internet: since the month of February only has 28 days, it is the only single month that can pass without a full moon. I don’t remember the last time actually focused and looked into a full moon. Not that that makes any sense or point at all. But I’m just saying.
In movies you might have seen people make love underneath the full moon. That sounds kinda weird and hot and nice all at varying degrees at the same time. I guess depends if you’re watching the full moon while you’re doing it or if you’re being watched by someone else. I guess that had always been one of my odd fantasies: be watched fucking or watch someone get fucked. I might actually try that. Eventually.


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