hello, my name is…

I never know exactly where or how to start and restart.

Hi. My screen name is parangano and it has been 73 days, 2 hours and 54 minutes since I last updated my blog. A lot has happened to my life since I last did that and I don’t remember more than half of those opportunities that I have missed to write something. I have tried to write something but somewhere when I was starting those posts, my concepts fell apart and I decided I was bored. Or maybe I just got totally distracted that I just stopped writing it halfway into some sentence or something, I couldn’t possibly remember. I think…

I must have definitely been watching TV around that time that I completely lost my train of thought. I am watching Cupcake Wars. Cupcakes. I cannot take my eyes off them.

Now I want a cupcake.

By the way, today is Independence Day. I was supposed to write something about how Filipinos use the word “pwede” but then again, cupcakes got my attention. Later.


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