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If you could travel in time, you would…?

Not travel in time. That is a wasted proposition. Travelling to the future would change the future anyway, it would throw your destiny in a loop and what is perceived as the future becomes the present and the future becomes different altogether. Travelling to the past is also simply useless since the past is already done and over with, and I think if you try to change anything in the past it would again just be the same thing, because even of you change it, events would conspire again to bring you back to the point when you actually can and would have the chance to travel back in time to change that thing you changed in the past in the first place. So, you end up going back to the future which is the present, and things would go on just as it would have in the future.

What chess piece do you remind yourself of?

A pawn. A lowly useless pawn, moving one step a time. Aren’t we all just pawns?

How do you feel about when a child disobeys?

I am not totally against it. I am not a parent material to begin with but I am said to be quite strict when it comes to children not of my own. I think a child disobeying is just a child following the natural course of inherent curiosity. I would get mad if a child or my child would disobey but then I guess they learn from those things, I mean they should. By nature, man learns things that are wrong mostly from experience, and then some by group think and what society tells us. For a child to disobey, maybe he is just testing the waters trying to find out why anyone older would say that in the first place. If now the kid knows what are the consequences of his or her action, then he or she can make an informed choice on whether he or she would choose to do that or “disobey” again.

And then you find out that your kid actually has a psychological defect.

What is the possession you have that you like best?

It would have to be my mobile phone, a Nexus 4. Apart from getting it on sale almost 20% off online, it does a lot and it keeps me entertained/preoccupied most of the time. I mean, that is one thing that I would very much hate to lose right now, my phone. Plus, since not many people have the same kind of phone, it makes me look cool.

How do you like to celebrate New Years’ Eve?

I have never celebrated that many New Years’ Eves away from my family, except for that one time that I was working the night shift on a holiday. I never had attended any large parties for New Year either, with those big fireworks shows and concerts and heavy drinking. All of my New Years Eves so far have been sober, unexplosive, slightly sparkly, hearty, family affairs. I think I would rather keep it that way. But then again, I don’t know any other way to celebrate it, really.

When you feel distant and uninvolved, what are the challenges to do something about it?

Again, here’s another weird question on my roster. I have been thinking to do another review of these things again one time in the future, but then that’s a lot of work and I don’t have that much of an attention span to this blog of late, really.

When you think about it, the only real challenge I can see in that is the challenge of not bowing down to the pressure of society to remedy feeling distant and uninvolved. People are more social these days than ever before. We have a host of social network we’re in to and a lot more a popping up online which are more or less different amalgamation of others that have come before. For as long as there is something that can be shared, people would find a way to share it. (Looking into the future, I guess we’d be able to share smells as well to our friends on something like Facebook. I think something like that should be called Sniffbook, that’s just me.)

What does “being open” mean to you?

I should and would be the last person to be asked this, since I am admittedly I think the least open person I know apart from total random strangers, which, in turn, I do not know, so that just makes me the admittedly least open person I know. And come to think of it, how well do I really know myself?

My definition of being open is sharing with a foresight on how other people would be able to digest and use that information which is shared. I think everything should be applied as a use-case scenario. We have too much information flooding us every single day and it is indirectly stressful for people to digest more things shared that they would not find purpose for in the future anyway. I think my friends should know better. At least understand me when I am not as “open” as they would wish me to be. If it’s not something that is useful now or later in the future, then it will never be useful, and it would just be a waste of time sharing it.

Romance is a decision. How do you feel about that?

Are you afraid of change?

Anyone in their right frame of mind should be. Anyone who is not afraid of change must either be too naive or partly dumb, or just is not human enough, with feelings and fears and everything. People are creatures of habit I read somewhere and change is a break from that habit. We tend to create patterns of how things should turn out in the future, we feed on managing expectations everywhere including our own lives, even for the smallest things. If I press a button, this happens, and I expect that to happen the next time I press it. But then change comes along and screws everything up. We are suddenly in the dark on what will happen next and then our minds start creating scenarios from the most simple and safe ones up to the more scary things that could happen, sometimes bordering on the impossible. That is fear: recognizing that something is unknown and out of one’s control.

So yes, I am afraid of change. Anyone would be. But that doesn’t mean that I cannot embrace it as well.

Do you believe it is important to be on time?

All my professional life, I have been told to be on time, be on time, be on time. And I must admit, being on time is not exactly my strongest suit. Even when I landed a managerial role, I never had imposed upon my team something that I did not uphold for myself. So, given that, I think the next few lines would sound like a defense but then again, yeah maybe it is.

I choose to take a more practical approach when it comes to timeliness or promptness, so it seems. If it is not essentially critical that anyone, meaning me, of course, be on time, then I take my time. Otherwise, I do try my best to be on time, or at least be there, or at least give notice if I am not going to be on time or not be there at all. The thing is, other people have lives too, i understand but, unless specifically mentioned that my being on time would matter that big of a deal in their lives, aside from if the matter of keeping my attendance in check is the whole point of the exercise in the first place, then I would consider myself as in your way or just in it for the ride: I do not matter that much and neither should my being on time be.

***I must say, this was a fairly good mix of questions. Even if I had already grouped the questions and tried to randomize them as much as I could, I was pleasantly surprised on how good this post turned out.


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