“Some people go to church, I stay home and believe in you.”

Part-broken, Part-whole

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I watch you sleep. You know this. One day perhaps we will joke about how my eyes are loud enough to wake you. But in all truth, I watch you sleep because my exhaustion is no excuse to lose this moment. Yes, this one. Right now.

Even in your placid state, I imagine your eyes flutter in deep sleep, every now and then halfway opening because you see something more than I can understand.

When you are awake, you sometimes speak quietly, slowly, and with thoughtfulness. But even when you are silent, I can feel you – clear across stadium rooms in the dead silent of a sleepy night and early morning. There is something magical about you that is not a trick, but simply because it is not a trick I am apprehensive because nobody, nobody has this kind of power.

And then the sun rises, and you are laying next…

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