icebreaker 007

Who is your best friend?

Right now? My right hand. Hahaha.

I never really had a best friend, on hindsight. I think I always tend to build this wall around me trying to test my friends and acquaintances alike. I mean, it is genuinely hard to be my friend. Not that I deliberately give people around me a hard time becoming genuinely close to me but it is what it is.

I used to say that I would actually require friends who are psychic, if only there were more of them around in the world ever. I am not too big on personal stories or revelations, most people who are somewhat close to me try to figure things out about me from what I do and write, not too much on what I say. I guess that would be another requirement: I would need friends who can and do read. Not that I do a lot of reading or writing myself, but then again, so there.

Do you regret your past?

Which past are we talking about here anyway?

I have done a lot of things in my past that would be regrettable. I have never gone to jail, but I am still young, and I don’t think I will die never going to jail. Jail time is one experience that will never be on my bucket list per se but I think it is written on my destiny.

I always would like to think that things happened for a reason, although for the large part our experiences are all borne out of things that we know and do not know. That is where the regret comes in, in knowing that you would have come to a decision about something without enough knowledge of the consequences or repercussions of your decision or action. And then the desire to change course after the fact. I would like to believe that not knowing is not a method that I would live my life by, in as much as I would like to look at things from all angles and know all known facts first before deciding. Hence avoiding regret.

Otherwise, I might have just been lowering my expectations. Hence, fewer disappointments.

Have you ever been jealous?

My zodiac sign is a Scorpio, so I think according to the stars I am predetermined to be a jealous kind of person, if you believe those things.

Yes, I think I am a jealous bugger sometimes. But I am too a very patient person when it comes to people I have an actual relationship with. I think that comes with age with me. I never had thought of myself as the jealous type before.

But the thing is, I am never one to express or show my jealousy in the first place. I hide in a veneer of indifference when it comes down the wire. I may not show you my jealousy, but sure as hell my indifference would make you feel it. Unless you’re that dense.

What was the last thing you ate?

Jollibee. Oops, not really. That was actually before the Crispy M&Ms.

Do you like to cuddle?

Yes. Cuddling is nice. And spooning too. But for some reason, I never really find sleep in the cuddling or spooning position. That is assuming that those positions are to be followed by sleep in the first place, but yeah, I think that’s just me.

If you could play any musical instrument, what would it be and why? 

Even as a kid, I never found myself drawn to any specific musical instrument. For the most part, any inkling of desire that I might have had before was just wrought out of the fact that being able to play an instrument was cool and would make you more popular and would fit nicely with my supposed ability to carry a tune or skip to a beat. But then again, playing an instrument is not really effective if you never really had the genuine desire for it to learn on your own and worse if you are not actually schooled in doing it.

But, to answer the question, I would still love to have learned how to play the piano or the violin. Something classical I guess. But yeah, loved to have learned; no chance that I’ll be attempting that any time soon.

If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?

I think I should already be at this age that I should be able to answer this questions with a lot more sense and logic than a five-year old kid. But then again, I wouldn’t know if the answer I give today would have been the same way I would have answered the question way back when I was five.

I would spend half it on buying property. Maybe a couple of condos would do just fine, one for me to live in and one to rent out. I would spend an eighth of it buying electronics stuff I want and go on a wardrobe shopping spree. And then the rest of it would probably go into savings or some sort of business venture. That is, after a trip to Europe.

Jollibee mascot
Jollibee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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