icebreaker 005

Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?

I wanted to be a priest. Not in the pedophillic sense of course, but yes, because I was amazed by Theology at one point, and I think I thought that those things would not be dwelled upon in any normal school but instead just if I wanted to study to become a priest.

And I kinda liked the movie The Exorcist.

Ever had plastic surgery?

Nope. I never had the money for it.

But if I ever did have the capacity to get any type of cosmetic or body morphing surgery, I would prefer to be taller by extending my tibia. I here they do that in China.

Do you drink? Smoke? Do drugs? Why, or why not?

I drink. Not a lot. I think I would like to call myself a “social drinker” but yeah, fuck that. I have had a handful of instances where I have been known to be stinking drunk and unruly as such, but then again, since I never have any distinct recollections of such events even happening (or even doing those things that eyewitnesses tell me I did, save for some incriminating pictures allegedly posted somewhere online), I think that is a lie. If I don’t remember it, it simply did not happen.

I smoke. About a half pack or so a day they say it’s too much, but then again I am already smoking, that alone is already technically wrong, or so doctors always tell you even if they do too.

I do drugs. Yes. occasionally on occasion. I never do drugs alone and I have always stuck to the herbal kind. I do drugs when I am sick too, or else how do I manage to get well? You just can’t concentrate away the flu, you know.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My two legs and a barely audible alarm from my phone.

For some time, I had my body clock working for me, but some few years back I lost control of it altogether. Must be the transition from one shift to another at work until I have literally gone through all available shifts, or maybe just because I still feel that sleep is a good waste of anyone’s time and should only be taken by the minimum effective dose which is about four or so hours for me (based on experience, no scientific proof).

Would you ever use an online dating service?

I have. And yes, sometimes it works, but not for me.

So there.

大法師 The Exorcist



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