The word is out. We just don’t see any practical use for your job or you anymore.

Pretty scathing words if you actually think about it, but then again, no form or technique in positive scripting could possibly spin that fact. In short, we don’t need you anymore. We can’t afford to need you anymore.

So this is how it feels like. To be officially unwanted by a huge multinational corporation. On the bright side, they did afford us at least three months to “get in between jobs” so to speak, or at least get us some leeway to transition to a new role whether internally or externally. So that will be our main job for the next three months, technically looking for someplace to call our own again.

Being set adrift like this was something I never thought would happen to me. I never had any clue that it would also come too soon. I guess bad news like this always appears like that, as coming too soon. I guess when you see things like these in the movies or hear it from the news or happening to someone who knows someone who knows someone, you automatically think that that would be the last thing that could happen to you. Tomorrow. But it did. Yesterday.

Time to brush up that dusty resume again and venture into the deeper techniques of self-promotion once again. I dread fucking interviews.

The Interview
The Interview (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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