8) Hipsters. Can we please allow these people to write blog posts in coffee shops, listen to music on vinyl and use their food stamps to buy salmon from Whole Foods in peace?

9) College admissions/job interviews/graduate school admissions. We pour our heart and souls into applications and we want validation — we need to be told that we are good enough. But we don’t need to let our value as people be decided on whether or not we got into some school or landed some job. For all you scholars out there, there’s this thing called the Academic Wiki which is devoted to unofficial news about how schools move through their hiring process. It’s so easy to get sucked into the vortex of the Academic Wiki and freak out when it says that SKYPE INTERVIEWS have been scheduled for a dream school you applied to and you didn’t get an invite to the Skype party. You’re going to get an interview or not. No use giving yourself an ulcer over it!

10) Monday morning. Yes, it’s Monday morning and the weekend is over and maybe we’re hungover and sleep deprived. But guess what? In just four short days it’s going to be the weekend all over again!


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