hello, iPhone 5; see you later Gino.

So I eventually got myself the iPhone 5 via this plan I had upgraded with my local service provider. With a total cash out of about Php4800 spread out in incremental payments for the next six months. Not bad really, it was a good deal as deals for iPhones go, even more since it’s an iPhone 5. But That’s the thing: it’s an iPhone 5.

I never had an iPhone before. Technically this is the first time that I am able to afford one by myself, although all my other phones in the past were things that I bought by myself. My brother was right, it makes sense for me to dive in now since I never had an iPhone before, but then those who had the earlier iterations might not want to go for the change, or at least it may not be that smart.

Yes, it’s not that smart. The phone, I meant. Coming from an Android device, I was amazed at how little customization you can actually do on it. I practically ran out of things to customize within 30 minutes of tinkering around with it. No widgets either. Which means I have to actually open the app to see anything useful on the device, notwithstanding those number badges you have for some apps which really don’t do that much. Sounds, ringtones, notifications, done. You can’t even have home screens, the app list itself is already the home screen, and did I mention the absence of widgets? About a couple of hours playing around with it, the only thing keeping me from throwing the stupid thing to the wall was that it’s a new iPhone.

I had a few hiccups trying to sync my Google contacts on to it but nothing too big that a little web search for help could fix. But then again, the apps. Oh the agony of the apps! I can understand how Apple can boast of its app store, the selections are great but almost everything comes with a price. And if that was not enough, those games and apps that I had free on Android, now I have to pay for on iOS, which is a total bummer. And some of them are not even on iOS and are exclusive to Android. Any.do for one, does not have all the features that it had on Android like recurring reminders, which was a feature that I really needed. Oh well, time for an email to the developers.

I handed off Gino to his new owners the other day, which turns out to be my sister-in-law. Good for me since I know that I will get paid and not just have some stranger run off on me with half payments. Good for her, she would have long-standing technical support since I owned that unit for a while and am aware of the ins and outs of the Android OS, somewhat. But, I’ll admit, I still miss my Gino. I got him for the stylus and now, I replaced him with an iPhone which doesn’t even work faster than he did. If he actually had feelings, Gino would hate me.

This iPhone still got no name, since I am still telling everyone that it is on the market for anyone who can meet my price. If I couldn’t get it flying by the end of the month, I suppose it’ll be a keeper.

Patrick sounds like a good name. Or maybe Johnny, Johnny 5. We’ll see.

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

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