Anyone threatening to quit Windows? Haha. I am, I think, but just at home. Hello, Chromebook!


So you’re quitting Instagram. Good for you! It’s your right as a consumer. Vote with your wallet, as the saying goes – and if you’re not actually paying money for something, then vote with your data.

As a refresher, here’s a look at some other tech-related products, companies and services people have threatened to quit recently.


Why? The new Timeline layout, the confusing privacy controls, the IPO that – gasp! – made some bankers rich at the expense of regular people, Facebook ads, Facebook hacks, employers looking at your Facebook profile, people looking at photos of you, people tagging you in photos, Facebook not letting people vote on privacy issues, promoted posts, Facebook is secretly in cahoots with the government to spy on you, Do Not Track, planking, your Facebook friends are boring now and all they do is talk about themselves, Facebook and Spotify showing everyone you listen to…

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