Okay. So I finally gave in and did purchase the Samsung Chromebook running on the Samsung Exynos 5 processor. The keyboard is gorgeous; the track pad takes some getting used to as well as the whole concept of it. But typing is generally a breeze, a sweet breeze. I am actually doing this on the Chromebook, and if I am thinking about writing or blogging more for the coming year, this is definitely a very good tool for its price. Given, there’s nothing much you can do in it unlike a regular laptop, but then again, with all the things I have going for me at work, even squeezing in a bit of writing time is hard, and that is all I end up having time for on the PC or laptop.

I think this is a good call, device-wise, but I’ll have to see how long the novelty wears off and if I get frustrated in about a month or two. Oh well.


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