icebreaker 004

Have you ever slipped on ice?

Oddly enough, when I was in college, I took Ice Skating as a Physical Education elective. It was fun, though I would have preferred doing ice hokey instead of pirouettes and sliding backwards on ice. I think I did fall or slip a couple of times then, I’m sure anyone who’s had to take that course with no prior knowledge or actual experience of snow would have or should have.

Have you ever gotten your heart broken?

Yes. But not in the way that I thought it would be. The thing with getting your heart broken is that you never realize that it is already broken until a few minutes, days, or weeks after the fact. It always boils down to what you’re feeling at that exact moment, which you might not even exactly remember how it happened because people are always like that, big events that they think impact their lives are always remembered differently from what actually happened, either with extreme anger or shame or even disgust and self-loathing, any permutation of these.

Have you kissed someone a different race than yourself?

No. I think I’ll never will, but then again, that could sound fun. And it’s not just the kissing, of course.

Have you cut your hair and hated it?

Yes, I have had my hair cut thinking that it would look a certain way and giving exact instructions to the barber on how it should look like, only to end up hating myself and the barber afterwards. I mean, yeah, it’s my fault, so self-hate comes natural, but the barber should have given me more insight into what I was trying to do to myself (my hair) and should have guided me accordingly. Just like what medical professionals would do, I think.

No, I haven’t tried cutting my own hair, except for the hair on my face and a little extreme and not-so-extreme manscaping once in a while, and thus far I have not hated the experience.

What is your favorite food/cuisine?

Off the top of my head, Greek and Japanese. Italian is too common for me, but I think I can cook Italian quite okay. American too, only it’s not that healthy I think. Although I admit I love American comfort food and fast food, and I love watching Man vs. Food on TV just so I can imagine myself taking on those insane food challenges. I don’t do too much Filipino food since I am not that good of a cook yet, although I can cook some, but the thing is that Filipino food tends to differ a lot in, say perception, depending on whose kitchen/family you’re taking about. So, there.


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