plans fall apart (well, hopefully not this one)

I have not been too big on plans in all my life. I have always told my friends that at far as plans go, I do it on very very short term basis, nothing spanning more than the next few days or weeks. I think that’s my small way of avoiding disappointing myself too much. By making small short term plans, I only set myself up for small failures, thus small disappointments. If I had plan something with a longer term, then failing that would be on me at least twice the term of the failed plan itself. And who would want to live their whole life in self loathing, right? Raise your hands and prepare to get shot.

But, and it’s a big BUT, in as much as a life of self loathing and regret is not that attractive, so is a life of just plain regret. So in the spirit of getting old, and growing past and beyond my supposedly extended quarter-life crisis, or, in a worst-case scenario, early pre-mid-life-crisis, I am attempting to draft a long-term plan. A long-ish term plan, about three or four or five years, forgive me, I’m still trying to iron out the details as I am writing this, while watching the second season of New Girl, in which I really wish to hit Jesse in the head for doing a “Parent Trap” at her age and a Master’s Degree but then it’s Zooey Deschanel so I’m slightly torn.

So here’s the plan.

Save. Now that my earlier plan of getting my own place is basically put on hold, it would probably serve me best to save up in a big way starting next year. Looking for a suitable investment for the past few weeks certainly put things into perspective for me. Every year end I look at my paycheck and can’t believe where my money has been going. Actually, it’s not that I can’t believe it, I just don’t know where it went. I guess it’s the small things, really. Dinners, lunches, cigarettes perhaps. But I’m planning to try and cut back on most of that and then maybe the end of next year would see me smiling at my portfolio, instead of frowning at where my money went.

Dispose and Use. Odd combination, yes. I think in general, it’s just that I have a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff. Random stuff. Books, papers, shirts, shoes, just a lot of stuff. And I don’t really use most of it. Part of the plan would be to render myself easily mobile by disposing of a lot of stuff in the house and in my life. I’m thinking of giving them away, or maybe donating them somewhere. Or better yet, sell some of them in a gigantic garage sale. That could earn me a couple of bucks, right? I think most of them would not fetch for much but all of them stuff combined would just be golden. And then, for those things that I actually decide to keep, I should use them more. Dispose of the things I don’t use and use those that are left even more. Heck, that might be a mantra I could adopt even for my friends.

Change. Ever since I have started working, I have grown accustomed to a lifestyle that is a bit on the edge of my means, but I think given my situation (no rent, no kids, no contributions or regular cash-outs for my parents or family) it was still within my means. I have to change that. If I would like to imagine a more sustainable life in the next five years, I would have to get used to living with all kinds of responsibilities in mind, save more and tone down the spending on everything. I think my gym membership can go first, just for starters. Now that I am close to thirty, I don’t think my body’s going to change all that much anyway, but of course there’s always a possibility that that could not go as planned either way.

I think these three points are good. It’s to early to call them New Year’s resolutions but then again, it’s never to late to change I suppose. Looking back, there are not really plans so much as very very vague goals. I think I would have to pick my brain out for the details on how each very very vague goal would pan out. But that should be for another time. I have other plans, at least just for the next 20 more hours.


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