where’s the off switch?

From the way this would look, of course it is true that I have not gotten any proper sleep again tonight, contrary to all the plans I would have wanted to fulfill.

I miss time all to myself. I miss the time I had not thinking about most things and all things and all at once. I miss those days that I spent on the beach, without so much a care but where and what to eat next and just a few minutes away from the next sunset. I think that’s the downside of taking long vacations. The fact that you’d have to get back. And even now, a few weeks later, the last of the kalamansi muffins devoured even as it turned almost like scones or maybe biscotti in the refrigerator, I still feel I should have stayed at the beach and never looked back.

If only it was that easy to let things go. If only it was that easy to decide not to think.

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