icebreaker 002

What time do you get up in the morning?

I get up pretty late. I’m certain I don’t actually get up in the morning, but instead after the morning. From my calculations, I think I only get up in the morning when I really have to like for work, when I used o do the morning shift. Other than that, you’d normally see me up and about around lunchtime or after that.

Where did you grow up?

I never had the chance to grow up anywhere else than where I love at right now. So I am practically born and raised in the city, this city. I don’t think it would have anything to do it me as a person right now but then again, I’d never know since it’s already a bit too late to grow up as anything or anywhere by now. If I did have the choice, I think I would have preferred growing up from the rural areas and then slowly work my way into the city as I grew older. In the same way, I would prefer to fade out in the twilight of my years a lot closer to nature like maybe near the beach.

Is your favorite time the past, present or the future?

In fairness, this question is a bit difficult.

Describe an activity that you think is truly romantic.

Sunsets or sunrises are always romantic, I think. Not that anyone has never seen a good sunrise or sunset before but I guess it’s always different when you are in the presence of a wonderful vie such as that with someone you love.

Oddly enough, I guess cooking and eating is something I find romantic. And a bit stressful at the same time. I am not a good cook but I can cook, so that must count. Cooking for someone you love always is romantic, and I think cooking with someone you love doubles that experience. Eating what you both cooked together even more so.

I think I define intimacy a lot with what goes in and out of your mouth, whether it be words or secrets or stories that you tell each other, or food that you share, created by your hands. And then of course, yes, body parts exchanged through sex. Food and cooking is much like that kind of intimacy to me. I think being able to create something that nourishes and can be appreciated and actually ingested and goes around your body, and being able to share that whole experience with someone you love is sweet and very romantic.

Would you want to know the exact day of your death?

I wouldn’t know. Technically, the only way anyone would be able to tell you the exact time of your death would be if you’re on some kind of life support and they’d be telling you when they’re pulling the plug. It if actually comes to that, you might as well be dead already to begin with.

I would like some sort of mystery when it comes to death, I think that it’s the reason why some people have a greater appreciation for life. Not knowing when your life would end makes it a lot more precious and you’d do everything you can to get the most of the time you’d have because you never really know until when you’re going to be able to.

When I was young, back in Catholic school, we had this thing called “Happy Death”. I never could remember what that ritual or practice was, and come to think of it, I think I may have already written about it one time or another on this blog. It was largely about preparing yourself to leave the earth anytime, saying everything you wanted to say and leaving letters, I think, to people you love. Of course there was the rudimentary confessions and receiving the sacrament that kinda accompanies any Catholic school practice. It was a good experience looking back because it would mean that even at that age, we were being prepared to die already. Morbid, yes. But I think it did give us some sort of appreciation for death and life even at such an early age. Well, of course back then, we would never have imagined it to be that way, but yeah, I think I was about six or seven back then so no one really expected anyone to know any better.

To answer the question: I think it would be nice not to know. It’s more exciting that way, not knowing when you’re going to go. But then again, knowing the exact time and date of your death would make a pretty good pick-up line, I think.


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