career pickings

I was looking through a post on Facebook the other day coming from one of the people I had managed. I don’t remember exactly how I came to this point remembering her post while I’m on my way home to my folks, but I guess I’ll figure that out for later.

Well, the thing is, she’s some sort of artist now, at least she already was when she was still working for me. I envied her a bit when she did leave the company a few months back since she did mention that she was leaving because she got another job under an advertising agency. She never did mention which one specifically and I had not thought to ask since everything that I would have learned about her from that time onward would be simply moot, she was already resigning anyway.

Two paragraphs later, it already seems that this is a pointless post, but here it goes on still. It is easy to say that some people are bent to make careers out of things that they really do good, or at the most, also love doing. I have not been one of them that fortunate though. I guess that stems from the fact that I never really grew to love anything that I was being paid to do that much to obviously and consciously make a career out of it. Or maybe just because I never really quite figured out just what I want exactly.

I might have asked this somewhere before, maybe most likely on Facebook, but do you fall in love with a job that you do well, or do you end up doing well in a job that you love doing? Which comes first? I must remember I received a couple of responses saying it was the former and some saying the latter; and thus ended up with no definitive answer I could use as a reference for myself.

Truth is, I envy those people that get to do either, because I can;t see myself doing neither with my current situation. Yeah, I think I am good at this, or that. Yeah, I love this or that aspect of my work and everything. But am I passionate about it as much as I wish I was? No, not exactly.

I still have about fifteen minutes of work time to my clock and here I am ruminating on things like this, whilst shopping for a new theme for my blog. Nothing ventured on the introspection part. And I still ended up with the same blog theme. Ladies and gentlemen, that was Exhibit A. You’d only need to browse through the rest of this crap to find the other evidences to prove my point.



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