I have unconsciously decided not to take too many pictures for this trip. Apart from the clear look of presumptuousness and vanity of taking your own picture, I have just decided that I might as well want to forget this trip as much as I want to remember it. Details I suppose.

I think the larger reason why people take pictures during vacations is that they always want to remember the experiences they had and cherish them. And then again, there are some who just take pictures a proof, as a way of showing off where they have been and what they have seen and done.

I think I like the thought of forgetting details. Not that these are the bad details that I want to forget, those are the things I’d rather remember most fondly because you learn from those things and remembering them prevents you from making the same mistakes again. Details of the good and the totally great are some that I would like to forget. That way, the bar not set for all other experiences after that. I wouldn’t have to compare it to any other time in the past and that would allow me on feel the same excitement with anything at all, whether it be something that I have done before or just trying for the first time. I wouldn’t fall into the trap of setting myself up for disappointment or remembering “those good old days” and ever be wishing that could go back in time. Say, like a goldfish in a fishbowl, even though he’d been swimming around the same bowl over and over, everything that he sees coming around the bend would be new and fresh and exciting.

In short, I am not taking pictures because I want to be a goldfish, and goldfish do not have opposable thumbs or hands to even hold a stupid camera.


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