I guess today was really no different from what I had envisioned the rest of the day would have run. On the good side, I had a good workout at the gym and managed to buy new ornaments for our tree. Although I figure I might need to go back and get some more since the ones that I just bought might not be enough. The tree is about seven feet after all, and those palm-sized snowflakes would just drown in everything else. And since I already started with the snowflakes, I may have to rework the whole concept of the tree altogether. I was also able to get hooks for the ornaments, which is good and is exactly what I was looking for.

My mind is racing now on what other kind of ornament I can get to mix with the snowflakes. I got about ten packs of three silver ones and five packs of gold. Good thing I got them for cheap so I was able to buy a whole bulk of them for the tree.


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