English: Boracay sunset on a cloudy day.

I can’t help but feel a bit excited and anxious about my upcoming retreat to Boracay. It’s only a few weeks away now, and it seems that everything is going on fine. Well, except for the few occasional rains lately,  which obviously benefits me only by way of watering my mothers plants, and besides,  I got a bit of the sniffles and an oddly persistent cough. I still have a lot of prepare for the trip itself, work-wise, I still got to make sure that the work gets done while I am away,  and hopefully I can get my replacement work phone before I actually set off on my trip. And then there’s assigning a point of contact for the days that I will be out and ensuring that nothing bad happens. Not that we can actually predict that yet, but preparation is the key.
One day the a time. I can’t wait.


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