watching movies alone

I suppose this past week was a bevy of firsts for me. Sort of, but then I just want to highlight a few items before I ultimately forget. After all that’s the whole point of this exercise anyway.

At the gym, I blew my shorts up while doing barbel squats. I am certain that someone saw that if not heard it. I was on my headphones the whole time, that’s what I turn into when I usually work out, more of a snob than I already am. But for sure, not only one person saw that big rip at the back of my shorts as well. I was kind of embarrassing of course; for the first five minutes I was trying to pretend that nothing really happened. I still had a few sets to do anyway so I went about my business ripped shorts and all.

I didn’t pay any notice to it until the end of the workout, and I don’t think anyone else did really. I just acted as if thing was wrong the whole time. It did help a bit that I focused on working the other parts of my body, or chose workouts that did not involve me standing or squatting or turning my back more against more than half the gym. I did most of the exercises that I had on my list sitting down, so I guess that was okay.

I learned quickly that despite everyone in the gym alluding to make themselves look better or feel better, no one really pays attention to you while you’re in the process of doing so.

The other thing this week was that I watched a movie in a near-empty theatre. It was really a surreal experience. I got the ticket to “V/H/S” about good two hours ahead of time since I still wanted to check out what I can get out of the 3-Day Big Sale brouhaha at the mall. The ticket wench volunteered to me that so far I was the first one who got the ticket for that screening. I was a bit surprised and scared, I mean, this was a scary movie after all and I didn’t expect that I was going to watch it all alone. I kindly asked if there was any chance that the mall would actually cancel screenings due to poor ticket sales but she said no, as long as there was someone who bought the ticket, the show must go on. She likewise told me that the earlier screening only had four people in it, so I guess they don’t really cancel anything.

I went on with the business of finding something on sale that I didn’t probably need just so I can participate in this grand exercise of consumerism, but at the back of my mind, I was hoping that no one else would buy tickets for my screening and that someone else would, both in equally conflicting degrees. I figured it would be fun to experience watching a movie alone in the theatre, but then it is still a scary movie after all. I ended up getting a bag, a couple of DVDs, and some nice dark jeans, I can easily get away with despite the office dress code. Then off to see the movie.

Well, it was kinda cool to watch the movie alone, but not really, since when I walked into the dark movie house there was already a couple on the orchestra but the balcony was completely empty. I went up, second-guessing if I wanted to go down the orchestra as well, since I didn’t really know how scared I would actually be in the next hour or so. Good enough, I thought to just suck it up; I can always close my eyes and ears anyway. It’ll just be too embarrassing if I end up freaking out loud in the middle of the movie, but what the hell.

The movie wasn’t really that scary. Found footage horror/suspense movies still has a niche audience I think; it’s not easily for everyone. And it also doesn’t help that only people like me who actively seek movies of this kind know about the movie, since SM Cinema didn’t market the film enough before they decided to exclusively screen it.

A few other people did come in: a gay couple and a huge white man. they took the balcony seats as well, so I had some sort of company, which wasn’t that comforting at all, it was just plain annoying that they ruined this experience for me altogether. The gay couple obviously came out a bit disappointed as they were talking about it on the way out after the movie ended. The white man, I don’t care, I think he suddenly disappeared after the movie.

Hmm… now that I think about it, that white guy somewhat resembled the dead guy on the couch at the start of the…

Bottom view of VHS videotape cassette with mag...
Dun, dun, dunnn….! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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