I am a bit overwhelmed with all the things that I would have to do just to make myself catch-up with the rest of the things that I should be doing right now, not only at work but in more importantly in my life in general.
One good thing, I think is that I am reading a little more than I used to. I just got myself a new e-reader a couple of weeks ago which I have been using fairly more that I had actually expected to. I got a lot more sleepless nights of late because of reading, but then again, that would be a better trade-off than those sleepless nights I got in doing anything and everything but. I think it was a good idea for me to buy the Nook, although initially it was just some sort of an impulse buy on my part, just that I didn’t feel I can wait too long to get a Kindle Paperwhite late October/early November. Even without the backlight, my Nook still beats reading off my Galaxy Note in terms of eye-strain and distractions.
I am not sure if this is something good but I have been trying to reduce my consumption of social media for some time. I don’t think it was actually a conscious effort on my part but then again, if I had been looking to do other things aside from those things that I have been wasting my time on, or to put it another way, if i had been looking for other things to waste my time on other than those things that I had been wasting my time on a little bit too much for such useless activity, I figure we could only have so many hours in a day.


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