i dunno

I don’t know. Almost all of my posts would have that thing that “I don’t know”. I don’t know why.

Sooner or later all this not knowing would surely catch up with me and my writing. And when that time comes, there’s only going to be two things that I think would be feasible: one, me still not knowing and totally giving up in even trying to; or two, me eventually not saying that “I don’t know” even though I don’t really do. There will come a time when I would have to finally have to and be able to explain myself better, write better than these random posts about the vagueness and comfort of it. By then I would simply have to task myself into recording those things that I don’t know just to make sure that I don’t forget them, all the while realizing that the fact that I say that “I don’t know” is just because I don’t want to remember them things that I do know, and have deliberately ignored or denied to myself, because if I did exactly that, then there would utterly be no point in having to do all of the writing down in the first place.

Then again, I don’t know.


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