we lose things

A blackberry.
A blackberry. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just lost the company BlackBerry today. Not as if it’s the first thing I have lost, but its the first thing that I have lost in quite some time. I have never been too good at losing things that are not mine to begin with and on second thought, I think I feel numb.

I go about my normal routine at work, not working really and sent a simple email to the authorities at the office. And another courtesy email to my team and to those who would have needed to know. That’s it. Honestly, I don’t have time to think or dwell on it right now, like what I learned from my brother through talking to Joe the other day, there is really nothing much that I can do about it now. I have tried to call the office number more than a couple of times earlier today, within about 10 minutes of losing my phone, but unfortunately to no avail. and that’s that.

Again, that’s one more thing that our parents or our society never actually teaches us, how to actually lose things. We learn how to cope with it and deal with it, but in part, that experience is something you glean on your own. Everyone has their own way of doing it. And no one can ever really attest that their way of coping or dealing with loss is the best way. To each his own. One way or another we’re left alone to do so in the middle of it all.

Oh well, I said to myself. Cliche but lesson learned. On the other hand, hopefully I can get another one in a couple of months or so, god forbid I would actually have a desperate business need for it.

Which is unlike to say of all other things we lose.


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