this is already confusing

There have been a lot of times before that I have expressed my feelings about spreading myself too thin online. And those were just that apparently: feelings; nothing really specific about fear or maybe excited about the fact that I am, but just that feeling that maybe I am spreading myself too thinly online.And I may or may not be just referring to my use of what we call social media. I may or may not be referring to my general consumption of the web as a whole, more specifically my increasing, how should I say, definitely not dependence, no, not yet, okay, fine, usage of the “cloud”.
Here’s the thing: say for cloud storage, I use Google Drive, Dropbox, Skydrive, and for the most part of it, Evernote. I also use Pocket, Currents, Flipboard, Pulse for most of my online content. I got accounts with Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, Livejournal(though now dead), Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Foursquare, Instagram, and Klout. Of course, that is notwithstanding all other websites that I might or might not have signed up for through Facebook connect or whatever-social-network-connect. I have three active email addresses now, Gmail, Yahoo, and now Outlook, that is aside from my actual email address at work (and to think that no one ever really sends emails that much anymore casually other than those people that I know from work who actualy just do so because it’s easier and they do not have a clue on which email address of mine do I actually use).
I’m thinking of doing a big move of my stuff into just two email addresses, and I want to move much of it under the Microsoft (Outlook) one. I think it is kinda good to keep the Google Services since I am using an Android phone after all. But still I feel I need to think this through.


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