one last cigarette

Sleep, oh elusive sleep.

I am falling into old habits again. I have to get this out of my system.
I have a lot of things racing through my mind. And it seems there’s not a single one that I can will enough to actually do. I am going a bit crazy I think. But these are thoughts that just cannot be helped.

I feel a good yawn coming on. I am now a bit sleep at least. One last cigarette and a couple of glasses of water and I should be on my way or else there would be hell to pay again later when it comes time to get to work. On one hand, the rain does bring some sort of good, hopefully with all the classes that are currently suspended, I’d be able to catch a cab better and get to work faster without that much traffic to contend with. But then again when it rains, it pours, from what I’ve learned through experience.


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