post sickness post

Coming into the last few hours of my sick leave due to my operation. I can say that I am already functional as of the past few days but then there’s the matter of fitting back into my office clothes again that’s actually bothering me. That, aside from the occasional pain that I am feeling in the area that I got stitched up. I guess it would take long to fully recover from this; if anything credible on the web could be believed, the surgery that I had gone through still counts as a major surgery and must not be underestimated nor should the recovery, full recover be rushed.

I am actually at my biggest now; I never really thought that I would grow this big in a span of a week and a couple of days. Well, on the positive side, I guess this is an opportunity for me to try out the tips on Tim Ferriss’ book on weight-loss and strength. I have often said before that I wanted to do something like The Biggest Loser on myself, only, I never really grew too big to qualify for it. This looks like a good time to start.

From the looks of it, I would not be able to do any sort of workout until after around a month, and by then I guess I could only do bodyweight exercises and some light cardio. This basically gives me a few more weeks to pack on the weight and then setup a plan to execute after a month. I figure I would also need to set up some measurements of myself to set some sort of benchmark for the whole thing. The only hurdle that I can see for now would be, again, keeping the commitment to the whole exercise and then spending time again at the gym, which, for the most part is something that I have come to despise half the time.

If everything goes to plan, I should be rocking my new self before my birthday or so.

But until I actually start, I guess I’m back at square one: I am bored.


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