details, lost in the details

There goes another lit cigarette. A lot of things are coursing through my brain right now, I think I am close to going insane with different kinds of thoughts, only I have managed to get used to it already.

I’m looking closely at the keyboard of my netbook and it seems that the letter keys are quite worn out. There goes an argument on how much I actually use this for writing or at least on how much writing I really am able to do in spite of my not so busy life. Really, I am not that busy. I just happen to waste insane amounts of time by nature. Or am easily obsessed with me most mundane items i stumble upon online.

I have been thinking of getting a replacement PC already. Maybe an ultrabook or a desktop, though I am leaning more towards a desktop machine. My brother sent me some specs that I should be looking for about a couple of weeks back, but deep inside I believe that I am not really that techie to bother to do the actual looking. I just got back into online gaming recently with Diablo 3, I guess that would be one requirement that I would have for my new unit. It has to at least let me play Diablo 3. And surf the net without my Chrome browser crashing. And then play movies. And it should allow me to use my bad-ass TV as a monitor. I guess some picture editing or graphics creation software would be good, although I don;t really see myself trying to learn Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw again anytime in the near future. In terms of getting creative, I think I would have to go back and focus on trying to write again for now.


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