trying to fix my life

This is a bit strange. But then everything is, if you try to take a closer look.
I have been away for quite some time. I got caught up with a few things lately, mostly work but not really. Mostly things that I just happened to chance ion, but I don’t think most of it would be things that most people really consider to matter. Whatever that means.
I have been trying to fix my life lately.
Starting with my pet rocks maybe. So far, I have had two extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy sessions, I don’t know if I have spelled that correctly. And then another different form of lithotripsy coming up soon. Apparently the two.shockwave sessions weren’t enough, my pet rocks turned out to be as stubborn as I am. I did feel a but better after each treatment but I guess that’s just my mind telling me that I was hoping that the treatment did finally work this time. And then I just was plain wrong. Still I hope the next treatment works good on my pets. I need them out of my body.
Secondly, I have been trying to do good at work. Again, trying is the operative word. If that means getting hooked on a lot of StumbleUpon or Facebook, or Twitter for that matter, then yes, I must be trying really hard. Or maybe just not hard enough.
I did manage to get a new gadget, which to my standards would be a but on the good side. That just means that I am trying to upgrade myself. I was hoping to use it a lot more to do some writing and things, you know, trying to produce more content as opposed to consuming it. But then it does make for some really cool tool to consume a lot more media as well. I just can’t imagine it now without Pocket, Currents or Flipboard.
On to more serious stuff, I did manage to sign up for another insurance plan thingy today, just goes to show how much I can be coaxed into giving up my money easily, given some oversimplified explanation. Honestly, I don’t know shot about what I just got myself into other than the fact that I’ll be getting some sort of payout in about 10, and that I am tied up to this thingy for the next 20 years. At the back of my mind, I was worried if I could commit to contribute that much if my paycheck to it every month aside from the one I am committed to already for the next remaining four years, but really I was worried if I am actually still going to be alive in the next twenty years to enjoy the fruits of that plan. Or, maybe I am just really a coward when it comes to commitments.
I lost myself again, writing this post. But I think it is a start. Again, I am trying to get back into writing. Even if it’s just useless, pointless crap.
Like me trying to fix my life. But not really.


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