number ten

Wala naman masyado nagbago. Ganun pa rin. Hindi pa rin ako nakakatulog at alas-singko na ng umaga. Ang kulit ko rin lang talaga.

I know I really should be sleeping right now instead of doing anything and everything else. And to think that I am not really doing anything that useful anyway. I am just extremely distracted. Distracted by my own doing. Distracted from my life by my own life.

Next time na lang ulit. Nahihikab na ako. Baka nga inaantok na talaga ako.
Okay. Kanina ko pa pinaglalaruan kung ano ang pinaka-maayos na sa tingin ko ay settings nitong Q10. Okay. I think I’ll stick with this one for now. Let’s see how this works. Come to think of it, parang Doogie Houser lang haha. I can almost hear the soundtrack now. I wasn’t that big of a fan back then really, even now, but I guess I was just too young to appreciate live-action TV at that time.


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