i think i have to step back a few paces and look at the big picture

I know, it’s been a while. But I am trying to get in to it more. Well, at least in my mind.

I have been caught up in a lot of things and then nothing at all in the same time, sometimes it is hard to say which is which. On one hand I have a lot of things on my plate, on the other, I don’t really have that much going for me at least of those things that I should.

Work is kinda okay, not many things going on for now, not many things that I am told to get going. I am usually left to my own devices at work, no one really cares what I am doing, as long for when they need me, I am there to answer, then the people to whom I report to just are fine with it, pretty much. I was a bit hoping that there would be some buzz or excitement coming my way with this slightly new position and the new global structure of the organization, but none so far. At least none yet, as far as my boss in concerned. I think this is partly a good thing, since it affords me time to get myself in order first with which direction I want to take with my life this year, but the big question is which direction is that? It is already the second month of the year but I haven’t done anything significant yet with my life and with work.

Sometimes I think about what I really have going for myself. Some people say that you don’t get to appreciate the things you have unless you actually take time to step back from it all and just see the big picture. I don’t see the big picture, I have been missing the big picture for quite some time now.


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