drinks with friends

I had a few drinks with a couple of very good friends tonight. One of them was kind of depressed since her fling had gone to bust on some previously planned rendezvous in India and she had a very rough time at work too so I was more than happy to be there for her.

Sometime in the night, she decided to play a game. Each one of us was supposed to say what they hated about the other two. I was kind of hesitant to play because I don’t really hate anything or anyone that much anymore, at least on hindsight, I really don’t. I guess that really comes when you reach a certain point in your life that you just think that all the hating and saying mean things about people, things that they will not and could not possibly change, is just a big waste of time. Time that none of us really have much of for anything anymore really.

I told them I hated the way they obsessed about things, she with her obsession on things and events, and the other friend, with her obsession with people. I didn’t really have anything to say I guess, I mainly just wanted it out of the way. Odd enough, I do admit that the thing that I have come to “hate” about them is exactly the thing that I would want to have myself, I mean something or someone to obsess about.

I have never been a big fan of anything, I think I have said that about countless times already. And I do think it is already a bit too late to be fan of anything anymore, or so I would like to think. But there are often times moments that I would like to believe that I would still find something or someone to obsess over, something or someone I could be passionate about or passionate with. I just wish that when that day comes I’ll learn to appreciate however it would make me feel, and that I wouldn’t be too jaded myself to actually recognize it when it happens.
I don’t know. I have to get some form of sleep or again it will be some form of hell to pay again in the morning.


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