number four / bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh

Since I am already in the process of binge blogging anyway, I don’t really have an idea to write about but I’ll do it anyway.

Maybe I’ll start by writing questions that I would want myself to answer in the future. I may not know the answers to them right now but might as well keep it handy.

If I had a million bucks, how would I spend it?

I was just thinking. This application would really make a lot more sense if there was something that I was really writing about like a thesis or a dissertation or something. So much for that. All I ever really have is just a random set of words coming out of my fingers. nothing really cohesive, no real ideas, just random posts here and there. I guess this is what Twitter does to you.

I guess it would be kinda fun if I learned a new language. Not just the simple being able to speak and understand the basic language itself, but more like being able to write prose or a story using that language. It would be cool to capture nuances of a language that is not your own. Come to think of it, English is my second language and I am not good at writing in that even. But surely dreams are free.


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